3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Shopping For An


As a dog owner, there are few things that are more important to you than the health and happiness of your buddy. The health becomes especially dependent in old age, when your dog will start to slow down and start to experience stiff joints and other breed-specific problems. There is not much you can do about this because, unfortunately, it is just part of growing older. If you get your dog an orthopedic dog bed though, you can make sure that they go through their elder years in as much comfort as possible. Finding a good model isn't as hard as you would think either. Just ask yourself the following questions while you shop.

Does It Use Memory Foam?

If you're looking for a best dog bed that your pet will actually like then it absolutely needs to come with memory foam. Keep in mind that the fake stuff absolutely won't do. The little beans that they also use in bean bag chairs, composite memory foam knockoffs, or regular stuffing won't get the job done. Real memory foam is key as it will conform to the shapes and positions that make your dog the most comfortable. They should be able to sleep on their bed in more than one position and only memory foam is going to make that possible.

Will The Bed Work For Your Specific Breed?

This is something that you had to think about when your dog was just a puppy and it should be up for consideration now as well. You already know that dogs hold onto that "den" mentality of their ancestors and tend to like a comfortable space that doesn't leave too much room to move around. You want to make sure that the dog bed that you purchase gives them this sense of comfort, and that will mean different sizes and materials for different breeds. On the bright side, they won't be growing anymore so you won't have to replace it like you did when they were puppies!

Is It Easy To Clean/Maintain?

In the quest of finding a comfortable orthopedic dog bed for your beloved pet, it is easy to forget that this is another piece of furniture that you're going to need to take care of. Keeping your dog happy and pain free is important; but make sure that you're picking a bed that you'll be able to keep clean. 

A big part of this is the material that the bed is made out of: ideally you are going to want to pick a bed made with machine washable materials (even if you'll need to go out to wash in a bigger machine).

Fortunately, none of these questions are hard to answer or keep track of! Just do your due diligence and you'll easily be able to find a bed that your dog is going to love. They've provided you with a lot of love and happiness over the years so you want to make sure you return the favor with a good orthopedic dog bed!